Unreal Engine - 250 Testarossa at Oak Alley Plantation
Unreal Engine - 250 Testarossa at Oak Alley Plantation

For those of you who have played Red Dead Redemption 2, you might recognize this place. It's inspired from the Oak Alley Plantation , and I fell in love with the composition of the landscape. This immediately gave me a great idea for a car scene, and what better option that a classic Ferrari to honor the scene.
I knew that the trees were of great importance, so I used speedtree to shape out the forms, and started placing them in Unreal. I used a flat landscape in Unreal that I sculpted a little, and used MAWII landscape materials with custom Megascans textures to get the surfaces I needed.
The other part was to Model the manor. It wasn't to hard as the house is very symmetrical, and didn't need too much detailing as it's in the background.
All the lighting is dynamic and using RT AO/GI/Reflections/Translucency. No Baking.

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