UE4 Jeep Wrangler Canadian Rockies - Automotive Realtime Rendering

Realtime raytracing with the Jeep Wrangler in the Canadian Rockies.
British Columbia has breathtaking landscapes, and it was time to use those references for an automotive project.
I absolutely love the look of the Wrangler, and with some added mods, it looks ready to conquer any terrain. That's what I wanted to capture here.

I used World Creator 2 for the terrain creation, and imported the data into Unreal. I textured the landscape using auto-material with Megascans/Mixer. I then used the new water feature plugin in 4.26 for the lake, which works with a spline system directly on the landscape allowing me free control over the shape. Finally, I used Ultra Dynamic Sky with Volumetric Clouds (new in 4.26 also).
Jeep base model from squir3D, and modified on my own and then textured in Substance Painter.