Unreal Engine - Schumi's F2004 in Jay's garage

Virtual Camera in Unreal Engine 4.23


Unreal Engine Viewport with RTX

Unreal Engine - Schumi's F2004 in Jay's garage

My latest automotive work using Unreal Engine.
This has been a very long project that I initially had in mind, but couldn't figure out the best way to make it epic. I always have something special about Unreal so I decided to take on a new challenge and build what I had in mind.
I have been watching Jay Leno's Garage and always loved his showroom. M.Schumacher was no doubt one of the best F1 drivers of all time, and I thought his car that lead him to the best victories was the F2004, and no better place than the Hall Of Fame of automotive - Jay's Garage.
I built the environment using reference images and by watching videos, using a combination of megascans/source to match the textures from the real location. Reworked the car textures and optimized them.
All credits to the original authors for the car models used in this scene.

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