Unreal Engine - Ferrari 250 GTO in Château la Lagune
Unreal Engine - Ferrari 250 GTO in Château la Lagune

The goal was to push the boundaries of photorealism with raytracing. I found this beautiful castle in France with a nice court, and thought it was the perfect occasion to place a car in it. The car chosen was of great importance here, it had to follow with the environment so I decided to go in the classics.

I modeled the environment in 3DS Max, with 3 reference images and google earth for the top down view.
Materials used here were mostly with Substance Source with some Substance Painter for the minute details (Grass, Wall, and car parts) but also some megascans (Roof, and grunge decals). Gravel texture is by RDT.
Car base model by Humster3D, and modified by me (Tires, rims, exhaust) to match the real one.

Final renderings done with the Virtual Camera in Unreal Engine.
Ray-tracing settings: Reflections - 5 max bounces - 15 samples/px Translucency - Raytraced - Refraction OFF - 3 max bounces - 5 samples/px

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