UE4 - Harley "Fat Boy" Davidson rendered with RAYTRACING
UE4 - Harley "Fat Boy" Davidson rendered with RAYTRACING

This is one of my favorite looking bikes, Fat Boy model from Harley Davidson. It's considered as their classics, and I had done one in 2017 on a desert road route 66 style in Unreal Engine.
I recently saw a movie where there was this beautiful neoclassic architecture scene, in which I thought I had to do something with it.
I started looking online for reference images and ideas, and found a great example from Anton Hvozdikov which fitted perfectly what I had in mind. I stripped mostly everything out and decided to make the space bigger, and adapt the scene for a photo shoot.
This illustrated perfectly how I wanted the bike to look, very dark but classy but keeping that intimadating look.

For lighting, I used a hybrid method of raytracing. I baked all the environment using GPU lightmass. Light houses are set to Stationary (big ones) and smaller ones to Movable. The bike model is set to Movable and is receiving AO raytracing. Skylight set to Stationary.
The "floating" lights are set to movable and give extra lighting and reflections to the bike.
3D bike model courtesy of Humster3D

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