Unreal Engine - E63 AMG Walkaround

Unreal Engine 4.25 - E63 AMG walkaround with raytracing

Further experiments with raytracing in real-time.
This time, it's one of my favourite sports sedan. The E63 AMG by Mercedes.
A bit of a different approach this time to just a render, this was a huge study for lighting, using a hybrid approach with a fully CG environment baked with GPU Lightmass and a Dynamic mesh (car) using Raytracing reflections/translucency and AO.
I also wanted to experiment the rigging system, so I decided to rig the beast using Craft Animations tools. I managed to import the animation into Unreal after long hours of fiddling settings.
I used sequencer for the cinematics and the usual virtual camera plugin for the walkaround !

Model courtesy of Behr Bros.