"The Barn Find" - Lamborghini Miura Unreal Engine
"The Barn Find" - Lamborghini Miura Unreal Engine

Barn find featuring the Lamborghini Miura.

A tribute to the brand that started of with tractors, and quickly became one of the most iconic supercar brands in the world.
Continuing my series of classic legends, it was time to do the Miura. I thought that the history behind this car was perfect for a barn type environment, not to mention the inspiration from Jeremy Cliff's Miura photoshoot of an abandoned Miura.
I started kitbashing the environment from 3DS Max with various assets I had, and imported everything into Unreal.

I started placing lights, and importing many megascans props that fit perfectly for the scene. I used the Automotive Material library with custom imperfection maps and a few tweaks to give that worn,dusty look to the car.
The virtual camera plugin was used to capture the handheld movement.

Cobwebs asset by Riptide3D

Hybrid Raytracing. Unreal Engine 4.25. Running in real-time on a Quadro RTX 6000

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