UE4 Archviz - Apartment 2018

UE4 Archviz - Apartment Design 2018

A new UE4 Archviz project that I worked on during my free time. I really wanted to explore all the latest features of Unreal Engine since my last project, especially the GPU Lightmass mod from Luoshuang.
I used Datasmith for the export pipeline between 3DS Max and Unreal. All assets were unwrapped with Unfold3D for creating the custom Lightmaps. Texturing was made with Substance Painter for the props.
I used the Megascans library for the wall / ceiling and for all decals (concrete cracks, debris, dirt etc...)

ITV : https://www.allegorithmic.com/blog/david-baylis-using-substance-painter-automotive-architecture-visualization